Tuscan Farmhouse

“Bill is extremely knowledgeable about sources of unique materials. He made us understand how important choosing the right type of stone or wood or metal, for both interior and exterior, is to the overall design and “soul” of the home. He has an amazing ability to see the project as a whole from the very beginning, and find the perfect materials to accomplish that goal. It’s those unique materials that make our home unlike any other.”

Project Details

From conception this home was all about researching and sourcing materials and methods to design and build a  authentic Tuscan farmhouse. The client and I determined that the only way to create a rustic Italian home was to journey to the Villages around Florence. Many of the materials were procured from Italy. Including the reclaimed roof tile, terracotta floor tile and Impruneta clay brick. These materials were essential to construct an authentic look. Along with the mature landscape and the 125-year-old tree, which was brought to this homestead on a covered wagon, gives this home that ‘Always been there look!’


Owner's Representative