A Vision of Home

One of the best feelings in my life has been coming home after being away for a while. I’ve often thought, “Why is this?”, and I’ve come to the realization that it’s because my home is who I am. There the people and things I cherish surround me. Upon entering, a soothing comfort comes over me, and I breathe a sigh of relief. All homes should be that way! As your architect I’ll take your dreams and desires and design a sanctuary that is a reflection of you and your life. Some of the homes I’ve designed may not be your style, but each is as unique and personal as its inhabitants. Your home should tell the story of who lives there, and we’ll work together to find a place for each of your belongings that says ‘it’s yours’.

I believe all homes should be a retreat from the worries of the world, a safe place of true contentment. Let’s make your home that place. – Bill Wunderlich

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