Owner's Representative

What Do Owner's Representatives Do?

Developing a major residential project involves various risks and complexities, making it challenging for owners to achieve their goals. Each project is unique in terms of scope, budget, team, and regulations, and as your owner’s representative, William Wunderlich understands the entire process from concept to completion. Additionally, owners already have existing responsibilities outside of the project, which is why it is so important as an owner’s representative to build a close relationship with clients. An owner’s representative possesses the skills, knowledge, and expertise to protect the owner’s interests and guide them through the entire development process, ensuring a successful outcome. The process starts with an initial conversation with the client where William takes the opportunity to learn about you, your needs, and desires for the projected outcome of your project.

As your owner’s representative, William can help you with selecting a location, researching properties, and selecting a realtor. Also, works with an in-house real estate/construction/contract attorney to review all legal documents such as acquisition of property agreements, architectural design and engineering agreements, construction agreements, and more to make sure that everything is being done in your best interest through every step of the process.

William also plays a crucial role in the architectural style selection, envisioning the overall configuration and design of a residential project and using the close relationship that he builds with his clients to help make their vision a reality. He will assist in selecting and overseeing the design team, ensuring that their work is comprehensive and aligned with the client’s vision. With his international and local professional perspective, William can provide valuable insights and expertise for residential projects in any location. He specializes in Southern Florida and the Rocky Mountains but can work from and be onsite at any location. Additionally, the scope and size of the project determines the insurance requirements for all professionals involved, and William can help navigate this aspect to ensure proper coverage.

Owner's Representative