Owner's Representative

What Is an Owner's Representative?

“A spark of imagination inspires an idea.”

William Wunderlich can be your owner’s representative from anywhere in the world, advocating for the client from start to finish and beyond. An owner’s representative, sometimes referred to as an owner’s agent or advocate, is hired by clients for the purpose of overseeing every aspect of their project, representing their vision, and acting as a liaison between the client and the collective team of professionals involved in bringing that project to life. As Captain and Commander, William Wunderlich will always be at the helm of your residential project, avoiding coral reefs and rocky craigs. Your home is your most important investment. A place where your loved ones and belongings are protected from external forces, giving all who enter a sense of security & contentment. As the owner of an architecture firm for 35 years and having overseen 100+ multi-million-dollar projects, William Wunderlich is the best decision to select as your trusted representative. William knows his team is only as strong as its weakest link and surrounds himself with only the most qualified professionals.

His wealth of experience in the industry has given him the ability to discern when aspects of a project are not up to his standards early in the process, which allows him to quickly make alterations or corrections quickly and effectively.

Clients of William can rest assured that their privacy is of the utmost importance, and your identity and private information will be well protected. William also stays up to date on the latest technological advancements and helps clients look toward the future, incorporating home technology integration into projects that will be easily modifiable to keep up with advancing technology.

Owner's Representative