Owner's Representative

Why Work with an Owner's Representative

The role of an owner’s representative is crucial in managing the inherent risks associated with project development. Project teams consist of different consultants and contractors, often with conflicting interests that require oversight to work through. An owner’s representative like William acts as the advocate for the client, working alongside them to ensure that project goals are met and align with their vision. They take on the responsibility of project management, which involves many responsibilities. The owner’s representative will coordinate every aspect of the client’s project, including budgeting, scheduling, quality control, deadlines, and more. With careful selections and oversight, the owner’s representative facilitates effective communication and collaboration between architects, engineers, contractors, and vendors. They also keep the client informed throughout the process and provide them with updates, let them know of any challenges that arise, and get their input on any decisions that need to be made, while at the same time buffering them from menial conversations which can easily be resolved. Choosing William Wunderlich as your owner’s representative offers several benefits.

The bond that William creates with his clients is paramount in helping him to look out for the client’s best interests, becoming an extension of the client and confirming that all team members are aligned with the client’s vision. William’s involvement also helps mitigate risks by identifying cracks in the foundation before they become problems, providing peace of mind by identifying potential challenges and implementing effective project management strategies. William also helps ensure as much cost savings as possible by delivering the project within the approved budget and schedule. With enhanced communication William serves as a central point of contact and facilitates informed decision by leveraging his extensive industry expertise. As your owner’s representative, William Wunderlich provides his services like no other, creating a strong client/representative bond by forming a deep connection with his clients to bring something as personal and important as their home to reality.

“I believe ‘home’ should be a retreat from the worries of the world, a safe place of true contentment. Let’s make your home that place.”

Owner's Representative