Projects - Buscher / Bergner Residence

“We were concerned that the renovation might negatively affect the intimate character and feel of our home. But Bill was able to add the square footage we needed in a way that not only kept but enhanced the feel of the house. It is truly a work of art.”


When the Buschers contacted me in 1991 to redo a 1970’s Brady Bunch tri-level I had no idea it would take 17 years to complete. They asked me before they bought the home if I could do a sketch of what this house might look like. Upon presenting the sketch, they decided to proceed with the purchase. They remodeled the interior and lived in the house seven years before they pulled the trigger on the exterior face-lift. The project was complete in 2001. In 2005 the Buschers decided to sell their home and move to Spain. At the same time the Bergners had been looking for an Italian styled home in Denver to buy. So…the timing was perfect. The Bergners called me to help them put some finishing touches on their new home. We completed the remodel in 2008. I thought; “This must be how the homes in Italy have many structures connected together.” Except it took them 3 to 4 hundred years.

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